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Dedicated to all my fellow retail employees

All of these are oh so painfully true.

I used to work at McDonalds and literally every single one of them has happened to me. Ergh.

I do take out orders and I seriously had a costumer complain that I put her bowl of soup in the same bag as the rolls.

Ma’am, this is how my manager taught me to do it when I started 4 YEARS AGO. It saves space, saves the use of bags, and keeps your rolls warm.

Of course, my manager totally took her side and wrote me up for it

I once had a customer complain because the cheese in his cheeseburger was on the bottom and not the top of the burger.

Another time someone brought their Filet-o-fish back because the cheese was not ‘in the centre of the burger”

And of course my favourite “Can I have a cheeseburger with no cheese”
"A hamburger?"
"No a cheese burger with no cheese"

In the immortal words of my mother: “As a nurse I always try to be as nice as possible to cashiers cause unlike me they can’t just sedate their customers and get on with their day”

Be respectful to retail employees, they put up with a lot.

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